RE621 is a comprehensive set of tools and utilities, designed to enhance the website's functionality for both casual and power users. It overhauls the UI, simplifies uploading and tagging, and allows you to download entire pools, favorites, or simply arbitrary collections of posts.

The project consists of several different modules that improve the entire site, top to bottom - literally.

Keeping the script - and the website - fully functional is our highest priority. If you are experiencing bugs or issues, do not hesitate to create a support ticket on github, or leave us a message in the forum thread. Feel free to send a DM to @bitwolfy or on Discord for real-time support, feature discussions, or just to chat. Feature requests, comments, and overall feedback are also appreciated.

Thank you for downloading and using this script. We hope that you enjoy the experience.

The project is delivered via a userscript. That means that a script manager is required to run it.
Both Tampermonkey and Violentmonkey are supported, but the former is recommended.


Note that re-installing the script by clicking the link in the Releases section will wipe out your current settings.

Instead, manually update the script by clicking the tampermonkey icon in the toolbar, selecting Dashboard, and then left-clicking on the last update column for the script. A new version will then be installed automatically.

It is also recommended that you set the update interval to daily in the settings, so that you can receive all the latest changes and fixes as soon as they come out.



Do you have a lot of pools that you want to keep a track of? Would you like to receive updates on specific forum threads? Or do you just want to get notified of the new images of your favorite artist or tag?

Well, if that's the case, then the Subscriptions Manager module is for you. Now, you can get automatic notifications on all of these without having to keep track of specific pages.

Mass Downloader
Mass Downloader

Do you like to download many posts at once from e621? If so, this module is for you. Select all posts you want to download and a zip file will start to download. This also works for pools, sets, and favorites.

The file names and structure of the downloaded zip is customizable in the scripts settings.

Better Search
Better Search

Tiny thumbnails and pagination are now a thing of the past. With this module, you can use large, hi-res previews - and more posts are loaded automatically as you scroll. Browsing experience has never been better on e621.

With HoverZoom functionality, as well as the voting and favorite buttons right on the thumbnail, you may not need to open the individual post pages at all.

Header Customizer
Header Customizer

The links in the header are useful, but that's not what you might need every day. Now, you can customize them to your heart's content.

You can quickly navigate to the first nine tabs with the number keys.

Smart Alias
Smart Alias

Tagging on e621 is often a complicated affair. Some tags are not valid, some are aliased to others, and some belong to artists on the avoid posting list.

Checking all of those has been time consuming... until now. SmartAlias automatically validates your input, resolving aliases in the process. A smart suggestion engine provides tags that you might want to add based on what you have already typed.

Moreover, this module includes a powerful custom aliasing system, allowing you to add several pre-defined tags by typing in just one.

Post Page UI Improvements
Post Page UI Improvements

The post page has been altered and improved upon, bringing all the useful functions front and center.

Post controls have been re-arranged and extended, allowing for easier voting and image group manipulation. Meanwhile, image scaling has been tweaked to allow for better fitting options, as well as on-the-fly option cycling.

... and a lot more!

The settings page features several options that are not big enough to warrant their own modules, but are useful nonetheless.
A few select features: